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They destroyed my chance at leaving Braidwood for good. The secret I kept from them is out, and to say they’re angry is an understatement.

My rage with them ruining my plan is rivaled with the smothering guilt when I see the hurt in their eyes. Since being back home, trust and feelings grew between all of us.

That wasn’t meant to happen. The boys of my past were never supposed to be part of my future. Now, I wanted them even though our life made that impossible.

Our villains want us under their control, and right now they have it because of my mistake. We’re puppets on their string unless we can find a way to break free.

I only hope I don’t loose the three pieces of my heart in the process.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  •  Gang Romance

  • Second-Chance Romance

  •  Redemption Romance. 

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