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Betray me once, shame on you…

My last name ensured the town owned me from the day I was born. I always expected to come back to Braidwood after being forced to leave.

But that all changed once they betrayed me.


My childhood defined in three names. Names that had once been the anchors of my sanity, names that I sometimes couldn’t stand. But now they’re a leverage for my freedom.

I made a deal with a different devil to repay what they did to me, and my plan was slowly falling into place.

Until the boys of my past found me and made a plan of their own that dragged me back home.

Now, I’m spending my senior year at Braidwood University while barely surviving the life attempting to swallow me whole. The boys I once leaned on, stare at me with suspicion and anger from the past, and our families want nothing more than to bend me to their will.

Soon, none of it will matter. I’m taking them all down. And when I do, I’ll leave this city behind forever.

**Buried Betrayal is book one in the series and ends in a cliffhanger. It is a dark childhood friends to enemies, why choose romance where the main female has more than one love interest, and all characters are in their twenties.**

  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  •  Gang Romance

  •  Second-Chance Romance

  •  Redemption Romance. 

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