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I survive. I don’t live.

After decades of war between the vampires and humans, we now all exist in a tense peace. The government has become a dictatorship, claiming it’s the best for human survival.

I’m part of a group that trains me how to fight. How to kill. To unseat the government. To overthrow the vampires. Until one night changes everything, and I find myself alone and on the run.

I end up in vampire territory. I planned to stay quiet. Hidden. Until one certain vampire finds me, and decides he doesn’t want me to leave. Zan brings me to his city, not letting me out of his sight.

But once there, I overhear things proving the vampires aren’t interested in keeping peace much longer.

Zan doesn't trust me. And he shouldn't.

I need to stop him and the other vampires from whatever they’re planning. The problem is, the longer I'm stuck with him, the more I see we're not all that different. But as time goes on, the truth becomes obvious.

Only one of us will make it out of this alive.

  • Dark Vampire Romance

  • Dystopian

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Forced Proximity

  • M/F

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