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Little Haven campus was mine.

Until two guys from my past outplayed me for everything I worked for. I clawed my way to the top once, and I'll do it again even with Jace and Kian waiting at every turn to knock me back down.

My job is to make sure my boss takes over Little Haven, and with Gage at my back, I have all I need to succeed. He doesn’t just want to help me though. He wants all of me.

The only problem is that he’s not the only one filling my mind.

Jace and Kian might hate each other. They hate Gage. They should despise me after what I did to them. But their actions say otherwise. I can’t let my feelings get in the way of my plan. These boys will destroy me if I let them.

All year, I'd been protecting myself to stay one step ahead.

Now I need to protect my heart too.

**Tainted Desire is book 2 of Little Haven series and ends in a cliffhanger. The first book, Tainted Deception needs to be read first. This is a dark college romance and the female main character will end up with more than one love interest.

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  • Reverse Harem

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Gang Romance

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