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Cult. Murderer. Psycho.

Those words are the reason the outside world doesn’t know about our society.

To me, they’re my family. The group I would give my life for. I was born and raised in it like the generations before me. I learned early on that there’s no place for weakness. I let my heart become callous, living solely to do what the group asks of me. And I did. Until one of our ceremonies went wrong in every way possible.

All because of one girl. Sage Taylor.

She discovered our secret, and then fled. Finding her should have been easy. Instead, I find myself keeping things from my group for the first time ever. She is becoming a problem in ways I never could have guessed.

Because my thoughts are going places they never should.

She isn’t mine. The group owns her, and there is no escaping them. Her life is now bound to them as much as mine is.

Every second I spend with her, I find myself questioning the loyalty I swore my life to. Whatever she’s doing to me, I need to sever it.

Or neither of us will survive.

  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  •  Romantic Thriller

  •  Suspense

  •  Cult Romance

  •  Hidden Romance

  • Forbidden Romance

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