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Enemies I could fight. Memories would hold me hostage.

I can’t take a breath without a new threat shredding any hope of escaping Suncrest Bay. They took me. Used me. Tried to break me. It would be easy to give in. Let them have me and accept the life that had been chosen for me years ago.

Until he reminded me of my strength. My power. My stubbornness. I refuse to be controlled. To be owned. Kyro Banes is the reason I’m still alive and fighting. The trust I never thought I’d have again is slowly forcing its way back in. And I don’t hate the feeling.

New enemies are proving that the unknown can be far more terrifying than the monsters I already know. There’s a reason everyone in this town wants me. The secrets and truths are finally revealing the answers I need.

Now it’s time to show them why I was born for this life. I won’t bow. I won’t give up.

And I sure as hell won’t break.

**This is the third and final book in the Suncrest Bay Series. Fateful Secrets and Treacherous Truths must be read first. It is an enemies-to-lovers, contemporary dark romance. It contains gangs, violence, and dark romance elements.**

  • Enemies-to-Lovers

  •  Gang Romance

  • MF, Motorcycle Club

  • Series, Second-Chance Romance

  •  Redemption Romance. 

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